Education for a 'Gender-Just' Society

  • Binny Chugh JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi
Keywords: single-sex and co-educational schooling, gender, patriarchy, masculinity, gender ‘just’ society, curriculum, teacher-student interactions, stereotypes, beliefs, expectations, gender intersection with class


Gender is the most used word in today’s times but at the same time most misunderstood. It is not about one’s sex i.e. male or a female but the notions of femininity and masculinity which are attached to a particular sex by the society. Researches are done in the field of gender and education and how to make curricula gender sensitive. When gender is studied in the context of institution; it becomes important to review the whether ‘co-educational schooling’ which promises a gender- equal environment; is able to fulfil it or not and then researching what happens in Single-sex settings. The article brings in the research done in the three types of schooling i.e. All girls’, All boys’ and co-educational school where various dimensions are seen related to gender and how gender identities are made in these types of schooling.