A Study of School Based Assessment in the Elementary Schools of Delhi

  • Gulshan Mufeed Institute of Vocational Studies, Sheikh Sarai, Phase - II, New Delhi
Keywords: School Based Assessment, Elementary Level, Formative, Summative,Feedback


Assessment has become an indispensable part of educational process which helps in channelizing, speeding up and inspires the entire education process. In order to bring out the improvement in the quality of the education and the holistic development of the child, assessment process should focus adequately on both scholastics and co-scholastics areas of development. Assessment is a form of communication and should be seen as an integral part of teaching and learning. Assessment also provides information about students learning through a number of procedures and these procedures used to retain information about students’ performance. Assessment can focus on and individual learner or group of learners, an institution or the educational system as a whole. Assessment for learning can be recognized as central to classroom practices, being the central point, teacher becomes the heart of whole assessment. Teachers need to be sensitive and empathetic as all assessments can contribute to learner motivation. Therefore it is necessary to discuss with teachers and convince them that assessing child is not a separate activity nor it is a burden which requires additional effort or time. It needs to be woven into the teaching learning process as an integral part. This study was conducted to study the notion of teachers regarding school based assessment at elementary level; different means of school based assessment used by teachers at elementary level and purpose for which school based assessment is done.