A Study on the Effect of Multisensory Approach in Teaching Communication Skills among the Children with Moderate Mental Retardation

  • Afsar Khan JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi
Keywords: Communication skill, Multisensory approach, Mental Retardation


Communication is the most important part of life through which one expresses their need in different form but it becomes a challenge especially for children with mental retardation. The present study shows the effect of multisensory approach in teaching communication skill among children with moderate mental retardation. Four different cases were selected through purposive sampling from integrated setup on the bases of economic, social and cultural background. Case study method was used for the present study. Madras Developmental programing system were uses for pre-test and post-test. Through the careful observation, effects of intervention were recorded during and after the activities in all the cases. Data was analysed quantitative as well as quantitative way and conclusion were drawn with further recommendation.