• Mahjabeen Fatma Manav Rachna International Institute of Research & Studies, Faridabad, India
Keywords: Art, Art Education, Art Integration


Art has a vast scope in teaching learning process, which is much more than just its study only as a subject, i.e. Art- visual and performing. While studying, the integration of art with other school subjects like Mathematics, Science, Language, Sociology, History and Language; cultivates more interest among students for these subjects. The findings suggest that through art integration students can understand the concepts easily which in turn can achieve their academic excellence. Art Education points to a concept of development in art and clarifies the value of art as a medium to transformational learning. Through art activities like painting, craft, drawing, dance, drama and music, the students learn to express their ideas, emotions, feelings and views on social and cultural issues. Of course, we can apply or integrate these artistic activities with different subjects.